Monthly Archives: May 2014

The Spirit Filled Church Series: A Common Blessing

A Spirit filled church is a church that is generous in blessing each other and this world through the common blessing that God has given to each one of us.


The Spirit Filled Church Series: A Together Church

A Spirit filled church is one that is unified in purpose, passion and vision. We must learn to forgive each other for the offenses that occur so that the Kingdom can advance.

LiveStrong: Under the Umbrella Ephesians 6

We begin a series called Livestrong and the message found in Ephesians 6. This week we focus on one word…bretheren. What it means and why being a part of the “brethren” is important.

Livestrong Series: Heads Up, Draw Your Swords

How does the helmet of salvation protect the believer. What does god give us to fight back with? We discover these two items and their use in our life as believersd as we attempt to livestrong!

Livestrong Series: Agents of the Shield

What is the shield of faith and how does it work? We find out in this message and we see the importance of our shield!

Livestrong Series: Slippers, Crocs, or Boots?

As a believer are you wearing slippers, crocs, or indestructible boots? Find out what the shoes of the gospel that Paul talks about in Ephesians 6 are. We see how to shod our feet with the gospel. We carry this good news with us everywhere and it gives.

Livestrong Series: Righteousness

With our core being the truth of Jesus Christ we now must learn how to protect our heart but still keep it soft to the things of God.